Myra Farr Volunteer Service Award

This award was established in 1980 to honor Myra Farr z”l for her many years of local service and untiring devotion to the Greater Miami Section and the National organization. This award is to be given to a person: who has been instrumental in changing the lives of others through leadership efforts and services in the GMS of NCJW; who is known for her interest, activity, and involvement on the vital issues with which NCJW is in sympathy; and who has helped to change and expand the role of other people in vital areas of NCJW concerns for at least five years, as a Greater Miami Section member.

In 1999, Myra’s longtime friend John Grossman provided the Greater Miami Section with an endowment to continue this award for the next 20 years. This generous gift was made in memory of John’s wife and Myra’s lifelong friend, Jean, and in recognition of Myra’s outstanding leadership and inspiration for several generations of NCJW volunteers.

2020 Kathy Hurwitz
Robin Straus Furlong
2013 Bonnie Sockel-Stone & Alana Rothlein
2011 Fran Levey
2009 Alissa Pardo Stein
2008 Sharlane Packar
2007 Jill Tavlin Swartz
2006 Nancy Luria Cohen
2005 Laura Rodriguez
2004 Joni Meiselman
2003 Joanie Glickstein
2002 Sheila Duffy-Lehrman
2001 Betsy Singer
2000 Ronni Litz Julien
1999 Joanne Aronson
1998 Barbara Black Goldfarb
1997 Sylvia Kaufman & Nancy Kipnis
1996 Sadie Kane & Judy Lease
1995 Mollie Frankel
1994 Theodora Skolnick
1992 Hortense Weiner & Ethel Alhalel
1991 Regina Greenhill
1990 Marilyn Simon & Nan Rich
1989 Rosalie Podoll
1988 Carmen Weiner
1987 Carol Grunberg
1986 Gladys Green & Virginia Orleans
1985 Louise Stubins
1984 Annette Zipper
1983 Sylvia Oberstein
1981 Anna Mae Ross