Emerging Leader Award

Since 1993, the Greater Miami Section recognizes with The Emerging Leader Award, a person who has potential for assuming future Section leadership, understands and supports the NCJW mission and programs, demonstrates a commitment to the Section, successfully completes assigned tasks, supports Section fundraising endeavors and currently serves on the Board, but has served for less than five years, or serves as chair of a committee.

2013   Andrea Hartley & Karen Warner
2012   Corey Narson
2011   Jacque Packar & Irene Warner
2010   Leslie Rosenfeld
2009  Robin Straus Furlong
2008  Brenda Nullman & Leslie Sternlieb
2007  Caryn Duboff
2006  Fran Levey & Bonnie Sockel-Stone
2005  Jennifer Elegant & Nina Gladstone
2004  Alana Rothlein
2003  Melissa Buckner & Emmanuela Wolloch
2002  Jill Tavlin Swartz
2001  Stefanie Grife & Candice Maze
2000  Laura Rodriguez & Lynda Slade
1999  Mary Ellen Becher & Joni Meiselman
1998  Joanna Barusch & Moni Cohen
1997  Ronni Litz Julien & Karen Needle
1996  Laurie Mitrani
1995  Maxxine Kaufman
1994  Debra Felber & Joanne Aronson
1993  Susan Golinsky