Hannah G. Solomon Award

The Hannah G. Solomon Award is given by NCJW to a person who has changed the lives of others through leadership efforts and services on a community level.

The award is given to a person: who is known for his/her interest, activity and stand on vital issues with which NCJW is in sympathy and has helped translate these issues into the community; who has helped to change and expand the role of other people in vital areas of community life; whose leadership in areas of NCJW concern has motivated others to fight for changes and has resulted in progress and enlightenment in the community

In 1993 the Greater Miami Section presented its first Corporate Hannah G. Solomon Award, following the same criteria and awarded periodically.


1967 Florence Lewis 1991 Norma Kipnis
1968 Betty Epstein 1992 Dr. Wil Blechman
1969 Dr. Henry King Stanford 1993 Hon.Thomas K. Peterson and American Bankers Ins. Group
1970 Martha Myers 1994 Rabbi Gary Glickstein and Ryder Corporation
1971 Dorothy Oppenheim 1995 Gene Greenzweig and John Alden Financial Corp
1972 Reva Wexler 1996 Muriel Lundgren and the Offices of Holland & Knight
1973 Oliver J. Keller 1997 Dr. Marilyn Segal and The Miami Herald
1974 Marie Anderson 1998 Schatzi Kassal
1975 Elaine Bloom 2000 Ellie Ganz
1976 Evelyn Cohan 2001 Dr. Sol Lichter and Northern Trust Bank
1977 Rae Rosenthal 2002 Mikki Futernick and Greenberg, Traurig, P.A.
1978 Judy Gilbert 2004 Nancy Swerdlow Kipnis
1979 Judith Levin 2006 Hon. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
1980 Hon. Jack Gordon 2008 Barbara Black Goldfarb
1981 Hon. William Gladstone 2010 Dr. Tracy McCloud and Books & Books
1982 Hon. Elaine Gordon 2012 Karen Rivo
1983 Nan Rich 2014 Shelley Niceley Groff
1984 Marilyn K. Smith 2018 Joanie Glickstein
1985 Anna Mae Ross 2019 Fran Levey
1987 Hon. Dante Fascell 2021 Hon. Daniella Levine Cava
1989 Janet Reno 2022 Laura Lee Rodriguez