Pro-Truth Florida is a campaign and a movement to fight the deceptive tactics of fake clinics, also known as anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers,” in Florida.

Established by NCJW New York City in 2018, the program is now coming to NCJW Miami and NCJW Florida.  There are over 2,000 “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPC’s) in the United States, including at least 192 throughout Florida.

The purpose of CPC’s is to prevent women and girls who are or think they are pregnant from choosing abortion and accessing abortion. These centers deceive and shame Florida women seeking comprehensive reproductive health care including abortion care.

Anti-abortion pregnancy centers dramatically outnumber actual women’s health care providers.  Extremists in the Florida Legislature have repeatedly attacked women’s health care, in particular targeting access to safe and legal abortion. One avenue of attack has been legitimizing anti-abortion pregnancy centers through legislation.

In 2018, then Gov. Rick Scott signed a law requiring Florida taxpayers to permanently fund anti-abortion pregnancy centers. This year, Gov. Ron DeSantis is burdening taxpayers with a $4.5 million bill to fund these centers.

Pro-Truth Florida seeks to identify and expose these centers so that unsuspecting women will not be victimized.  It also educates the public, increasing awareness of this tragic attack upon women.

Pro-Truth also work with its partners in the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition to advocate and educate on this issue.

Please join us as bring the power of NCJW to join Floridians fighting for justice.  Funds are needed to continue to do fieldwork, create educational programs and materials, and provide our volunteers and staff with resources to advocate to turn back the tide of lies.

Thank you!