For 100 years, NCJW Miami has boldly imagined a world where women, children, and families are fully valued and supported. Through education, advocacy, and community service, NCJW has worked to make this vision a reality at all levels of government and in communities across the United States. We’ve stayed true to our values throughout our history. And despite the current unease and anxiety, our goals remain clear and our resolve is firm.

Our members/advocates join a motivated collective of thoughtful women connecting with each other and learning together as a community of progressive change-makers. As an NCJW member/advocate, you will impact your community and the world at large by becoming part of a growing grassroots network of courageous and compassionate individuals who improve the lives of women, children, and families every day. Our Membership/Affiliation Year runs from July 1 through June 30. Complete the form below to join NCJW Miami.

Annual membership/affiliation entitles you to receive our section eNews, NCJW In Action updates, invitations to NCJW events, and State Policy Advocacy Committee (SPA) updates.

Note: New members joining on or after March 1 will be charged full dues which will apply to the remainder of the current year as well as the following program year.

If you are already an NCJW Advocate (Member) in another state and you move to Miami, please contact us to discuss transferring your membership.