December 15

Truth Tellers

7:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Virtual program - the Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior.

Chronic Homelessness & Affordable Housing for All


Join NCJW Miami for this important and timely conversation.

We will discuss books, movies, podcasts, Ted Talks, articles, films, and other genres throughout the year, addressing a different social issue each time. It’s all about the discourse and putting ourselves in a position to learn from others’ experiences.

“My last documentary film, 30 Seconds Away: Breaking the Cycle, tells the story of chronic homelessness. My crew and I followed seven chronically homeless men for six years. We documented their struggles and outcomes with the justice and mental health systems, lifestyles and relationships as we explored the underlying causes of long-term homelessness.

I began making this film while I worked in law enforcement and what I learned sparked me to do more, from leading a volunteer legal clinic at a homeless shelter to fundraising for permanent housing programs.
When I do screenings and lectures, I seek to inspire others to do the same, to realize that we are all human beings deserving of the stability a home can provide. On the issue of homelessness, I use my art as advocacy every chance I get. Why? Because the root causes of homelessness are often complex, but the one sustainable solution is simple: affordable housing for all.”
Artist Bio:
Faith Kohler is a filmmaker and visual artist whose practice focuses on critical social issues. A licensed attorney and former federal agent, Faith began filming her first feature-length documentary, 30 Seconds Away: Breaking the Cycle, while working law enforcement. The film, which premiered in the Milwaukee Film Festival in 2015, told the story of chronic homelessness, exploring its complexities through its relationship to the justice system.

Following her work in law enforcement Faith worked for a multinational corporation based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin creating safer workplace experiences before relocating to Miami, Florida and starting a niche consulting practice. Throughout her diverse career Faith has been nationally recognized for her work in the area of violence prevention, and her advocacy efforts to alleviate homelessness have made her a frequent panelist and guest speaker at conferences and schools.

Faith is currently in production of a new film, Out of Reach: The Struggle for the American Dream. For more information about her work, visit and

Never before has there been such a robust movement to learn and discuss society’s ills.

There are a lot of lists of resources available to help one self-educate, but who do we talk to once we begin to ask questions of ourselves and others. This forum provides a place to do so.

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This past November, Faith led a discussion with Temple Beth Am’s 7th graders about 30 Seconds Away: Breaking the Cycle as a part of their Social Justice class.