OPPOSE House Bill 1: Anti-Protest Bill

HB 1 has been added to its third and final House committee, House Judiciary Committee, for this Wednesday, 3/10, 3:15pm – 8:00pm. Tomorrow!

You can see the full agenda here. 

Do you know someone in Tallahassee who can testify in person? Faith leaders, movement elders, and attorneys are important voices to elevate.

Scroll below for more information about testifying in person.

Take Action – AGAIN – by emailing the committee members, urging them to vote NO on this bill. We need to let our leaders know that we DO NOT need legislation that criminalizes peaceful protests. 

See below for a letter sent by Laura Guren Rodriguez, NCJW Miami VP of Admin and NCJW Inc. State Policy Advocate. Kol Hakavod, Laura, and a HUGE thank you!

The bill has not been heard in the Senate yet. There is amended language linked here, and the staff analysis linked here. Unfortunately, the amendment offers minor changes; much of the bill language is the same.

Gov. DeSantis’ anti-peaceful protest bill, House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 484, will silence and criminalize everyday Floridians who want to exercise their First Amendment right to peacefully protest.

Peaceful protest is an important way for everyday people to influence how our state leaders make decisions about our lives. The right to peacefully assemble and protest is protected by the First Amendment, and has been a profoundly important way for generation after generation to effect positive change throughout the history of our country.

A huge Thank You and Kol Hakavod to Ida V. Eskamani (who spoke at NCJW Miami’s “Mother of all Non-Events” last May, and led our Deep Dive session about Immigration and Refugees), for organizing this important information.

Take Action Online + Share Action Alerts:

Click on any of these links to send emails to the committee members:

Recommended Reading & Sharing:

-Visit the House Justice Appropriations website by clicking here.

-Click on “Appear at Meeting” on the top of the page.

-Fill in the form to register to testify in opposition to HB1 

-Fill in your contact information, that you are an “Opponent”. Then select “add” and “submit”.  

-Do this ASAP! They will shut down this website 3 hours prior to the meeting! 

-KEEP your appearance request submission form. Save to your phone or print this. You will need this to check in. 
DO NOT register to testify in person if you cannot be there in person. 
DO email lawmakers if you cannot be there (see below!) 
-The nearest parking garage is Kleman Parking Garage

Once confirmed, you will be able to enter the Capitol Building two hours prior to the meeting and must check in the capitol doors. You will then proceed to the 4th floor to pick up your pass for the committee room. You will need to bring a form of identification confirmation.

If you have any issues, let Ida Eskamani know. She will be there to support!
Texting is best at: 407.376.4801

Your testimony time can be as short as one minute, but it will be powerful and important. And remember, as hard as it is, it is important we maintain decorum in the space. 

Thank you!
#NCJWMIAMI is and will always be: